Vocational Training

The training of young people is important to us and is essential for the future of our company. We train young people to become certified vehicle fitters and offer them 2-3 apprenticeships each year.

A profession with perspectives

The training lasts 4 years and offers an interesting field of activity around trailers, superstructures, trailers and special vehicles. Vehicle fitters work with different materials, with metal being the most important work material. They bring profiles and pipes into the desired shape. They work the workpieces and reconnect them later. On the basis of plans, vehicle fitters build the basic framework of a vehicle, assemble prefabricated parts, build the loading areas and equip the vehicle with the necessary accessories. The hydraulics and electrics of a vehicle also belong to the task area of ​​the vehicle fitters. Apprentices receive the federal qualification certificate "Fahrzeugschlosser/in EFZ". A completed apprenticeship as a vehicle fitter offers many possibilities for development and further education in technical professional branches. The platforms of the Swiss Professional Counseling and the Swiss Body Association VSCI provide more information on the teaching profession. Prerequisites for an apprenticeship as a vehicle fitter are a successfully completed secondary school, good spatial imaginative skills, craftsmanship, sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Learn more about a vehicle fitter's tasks in this video:

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