Flexibel and innovative

GK Gruenenfelder AG stellt Aufbauten, Aufbau fuer Sattelanhaenger, Anhaenger und LKW

We are versatile and agile and have a strong engineering department. We can therefore always find a suitable answer to current market and customer requirements in the transport industry and offer our customers innovative products.

Swiss Made

GK Gruenenfelder AG bietet hohe Schweizer Wertschoepfung

Thanks to a modern engineering office, a wide machine park and well-trained staff, we achieve a high production depth. In this way, our customers receive products that are designed and planned in Switzerland and which are produced with high value added in Switzerland.  

Globally Connected

Thanks to our location in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley and our many years of activity on the market, we are well connected with global customers, suppliers and partners. This network enables us to recognize and implement trends and technical developments at an early stage. Our customers benefit from the latest applications and solutions for […]

Certified Quality

Our company is managed and audited according to the ISO 9001 standard. In addition, we have the defense technical certification and NATO approval number.

Customer Focus

GK Gruenenfelder AG bietet einen hohen Kundenfokus

As a family-owned SME we have flexible structures and work closely with our customers. We offer you the necessary advice for the right solution for your transport challenge.


We have been operating on the Swiss utility vehicle market for over 70 years. We've always found innovative solutions for the current needs of our customers.