Our products

We are your partner for individual, high-quality and innovative transport solutions for road, factory site and military logistics. Our product portfolio includes trailers, bodies and semi-trailers of all weight classes for dry freight, general cargo, and refrigerated transport, as well as special vehicles for the road and the factory site. In addition, we manufacture vehicles and containers for humanitarian and military logistics.

We offer the following products:

Standard Vehicles

We manufacture trailers and semi-trailers of all weight classes for the transportation of general goods and dry cargo.
GK Gruenenfelder AG in der Schweiz ist ein Hersteller produziert LKW Aufbauten Kühlkofferaufbauten, Kühlfahrzeuge, Kühlfahrzeug, Kühlkofferaufbau für Lebensmitteltransporte und Kühltransporte oder LKW Anhänger

Refrigerated Vehicles

We offer refrigerated vehicles for the transport of foodstuff.
GK Gruenenfelder AG bietet Schausteller Fahrzeuge

Special Vehicles

We offer special transport solutions for the road and factory premises.
POON in Erprobung hergestellt von GK Gruenenfelder AG


We solve the challenges of defence logistics with our mobile transport solutions.