We rely on cooperation with national and international customers, partners and suppliers. The owners of GK Grünenfelder AG hold shares in the Saudi group of companies CGS and Frech-Hoch Nutzfahrzeuge AG through the holding GK Grünenfelder International AG.

GK Grünenfelder International AG

The Holding GK Grünenfelder International AG was founded in 2014 by Marcel and Albert Grünenfelder. It holds shares in the CGS Group in Saudi Arabia and is the owner of Frech-Hoch Nutzfahrzeuge AG.

CGS Group

The foundation for the CGS group was laid in 1976 by Albert Grünenfelder sen. and Esmat Al-Saady in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Today, the CGS Group employs approximately 750 people from over 20 nations in Riyadh, Jeddah, Damman and Bahrain and is one of the largest producers of refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated warehouses in the Middle East. In addition, the company acts as the general representative of the refrigeration equipment manufacturer Carrier Transicold in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. More information about the CGS Group is available on:

Frech-Hoch Nutzfahrzeuge AG

The company Frech-Hoch Nutzfahrzeuge, based in Pratteln, is an experienced manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles of categories C and B. The basis for today's company Frech-Hoch Nutzfahrzeuge AG was already laid in 1899 by Emil and Karoline Frech-Hoch Wagnerei. From the 1960s, the company increasingly produced the first bodies for the transport of refigerated and fresh goods and established itself in the following decades to a well-known brand for vehicle bodies in the Swiss market. More information on: